• Volume. 3, Issue No. 1, Jan - Mar 2015 - Cover Page
  • Decoding of LDPC Block Codes over Convolutional Codes with Channels
    Gaurav Vijay, Prof. (Dr.) R.P Gupta
  • Hexagonal Multiband Patch Antenna for 4G Technology
    Shilpa Srivastava
  • A Robust Handoff Approach for 4G Cellular Networks using MATLAB
    Naresh Kumar
  • Throughput based handover in a Wi-Fi network
    Deepika, Shelly, Sunaina
  • A New Wireless Communication Technology: Radio over Fiber
    Shelly Garg
  • Performance and Comparison of Wallace and Vedic Multiplier
    Jasmine Saini,Manan Sharma,Aniket Anvaria