• Volume. 2, Issue No. 2, July - Oct 2014 - Cover Page
  • A Review on 3D Face Recognition Techniques
    Yagnesh J. Parmar , Kunal M. Pattani
  • A Review on speech feature extractionand speech feature matching technique
    Mahesh Kumar Patil, L.S. Admuthe, Prashant P Zirmite ,N.B. Kapase
  • NONACK in Wireless AdHoc Network
    Trisha Mittal, Bijendra Kumar
  • An Improved W-CMSR for direction of Arrival Estimation
    Amit Verma, Sandeep Santosh
  • A Review on Quantum dot Cellular Automata Memory Circuits
    Deepmala Srivastava,Rabindra Kumar Singh
  • An Intelligent Opinion Mining for Customer Reviews
    Minal M.Thawakar, Sheikh Phiroj
  • ASIC Design & Implementation of optimized Low Power RC5 Block Cipher
    Lomash Chandra Acharya,Dinesh Chand Gupta,Debashis Dutta
  • Analysis of Microstrip Filters Using Metamaterial Applications
    Navita Singh, R.N.Baral, Arun Kumar