• Volume. 2, Issue No. 1, Jan - April 2014 - Cover Page
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution System to minimize the loss using Fuzzy Logic Control and Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization
    S.Joyal Isac, K.Suresh Kumar
  • Design and implementation of Phase Frequency Detector Using Different Logic Gates in 45nm CMOS Process Technology
    Rajesh A. Dabhi, Bharat H. Nagpara
  • Loopback Delay Analysis by transmitting and receiving Data Packet of Four Characters for Zigbee Devices
    Preeti Sohni
  • Wireless Sensor Network with the CLOUD: A Future Tech
    Vijay Laxmi Kalyani
  • A Zigbee based Wireless Patientís Monitoring System
    Surbhit Jain, Anshu Gupta, Praveen Kumar, Malviya
  • Computationally Efficient Optimization of Linear Time Invariant System using Haar Wavelet
    Abhinav Jain, Monika Mittal
  • Enhanced Performance of HF OFDM in Wireless Communication
    Veena Gopinath, Nitha
  • Chanel Estimation Using LS and MMSE Estimators
    Shweta Patil, A K Jadhav
  • An Improved W-CMSR for Direction of Arrival Estimation
    Amit Verma, Sandeep Santosh