• Volume. 1, Issue No. 2, Mar - Jun 2013 - Cover Page
  • Opportunistic Cognitive MAC (OCMAC) Protocol for Cognitive Radio Network
    Sonali Gupta, Dr. Arun Kumar
  • Video Games to Convey Serious Messages- A Study Using Food Force 2 Game
    Mehta Niket, Dutta Suparna, Bandyopadhyay Asit
  • Integration of Security Protocol in Between the Network Gateway
    Kamini, Rajiv Mahajan, Rachit Garg
  • VLSI Support for Voice Over Internet Protocol Scheduling and Buffering in High Speed Packet Switched Network
    Ms.Jyothi Noubade, Dr. Rajendra B. Konda, Prof. Baswaraj
  • Metamaterial Antennas Miniaturization and Bandwidth Enhancement A Review
    Deepak Gangwar, R. L. Yadava, Sushrut Das
  • Simulation of Channelization Codes in 2G and 3G Mobile Communication Services using MATLAB
    Ashvini Vyankatesh Deshmukh, Dr. Vandana Nath
  • Stochastic Filters in Wireless Communication
    Sonia Gupta, S.P. Singh, V.K.Pandey
  • BER Performance Analysis of RoF System Based On 64-QAM
    Subodh Bansal, Poonam Singhal, Shelly Singla
  • A Survey on Issues, Attacks and Countermeasures on the Network Layer in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Sunil Kumar, C. Rama Krishna, A. K. Solanki
  • Ergodic Channel Capacity as MIMO Performance Measure
    Prof. D. K. Raghuvanshi, Rajmohini chaurasiya